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November 2019 updates

         11-11-2019  New name quizzes and fun stuff on the Online Word Translators page

July 2019 updates


        07-01-2019  Finally!  700+ male water names!


June 2019 updates

         06-22-2019  New online translator link added.  Multi-language, audio pronunciation, transliteration, and thesaurus-type synonyms so you can choose                                 exactly the right word

         06-21-2019  New single word translator links for Amharic, Croatian, Malagasy, Quechua, and Somali

April 2019 updates


          04-29-2019   New name variations: Mary

         04-28-2019  New name variations: Beatrice

         04-27-2019  New link to Miwok names in the Home page

         04-10-2019  New link in Online Word Translators: a Welsh glossary with English translations

         04-07-2019  New Name Variations: Joseph

         04-01-2019  New Name Variation: Andrew


March 2019 updates


03-31-2019  The Word Cloud logo is now clickable!  Follow the link to the meanings of these lovely female Arabic names.

03-26-2019  226 more names added to Color Names - Male

03-20-2019  New in Popular Searches: Color Names - Male  (430 names - more to come!)

           03-16-2019  New Name Variations:  Catherine and Christine

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